District 12 Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel 

a globe lifted by hands

What is Inner Wheel?

Inner Wheel is International. 

It is in 104 countries.

There are 108614 members throughout the world.

There are 3979 clubs throughout the world.

        Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB & I has 29 Districts.

                                        Inner Wheel is International Women in Action,

Working Together to Make a Difference and Improving Lives

Objects of Inner Wheel

                                                         To promote true friendship

                                                To encourage the ideals of personal service

                                                 To promote International understanding

What do we do?

We work together giving humanitarian aid nationally and internationally.

                                We have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

  Hands together in friendship

            We help people by extending

                   the hand of friendship

   friendship of two ladies

      We make firm

 and lasting friendships


         We work on

  life-changing projects

Great Britain with IW logo