District 12 Inner Wheel

Membership Meetings 

Report of Membership Meeting – Hollingbourne Village Hall

March 30th 2015

Judith Cooper opened the meeting by welcoming everyone who had taken the time to come to the meeting and thanked them for being there.

Special thanks were extended to the ladies from the Maidstone club who had very kindly got the room ready and had provided the coffee and biscuits for everyone.

Judith started the meeting by reading a letter she had received from the Folkestone club with details of what they do, very successfully , to encourage new members.A flyer that they had produced was passed round for everyone to see.This flyer illustrated very well what each club could add to the Power Point Presentation which Hazel Hedges and Margaret Hawkins had worked very hard to produce.Thanks are due to them for all their time and effort.They have also produced a four fold booklet which is available to all clubs, for a small charge,which they can hand outto members of the public, telling people what the aims and objects of Inner Wheel are.Hopefully ladies will show an interest and agree to come along to a meeting.

Margaret showed us the Power Point presentation and will e-mail to clubs.

Hazel talked about the Website and her desire for each club to add their own details of events to it.

If you wish to up date it yourself you need to ask Hazel for a user name and password.IF clubs update theirown details please let Hazel know that you have done so.She works very hard on the web site and is continually updating and passing on information to clubs and members.I would like to encourage all clubs, where possible, to use the facility and keep looking at the website, perhaps as often as they look at their e-mails,for updates and also to see what other clubsin the district are up to – it could be very useful.

Again it was agreed that there was too much paperwork and that it was off putting to potential new members – CUT IT DOWN – you don’t need to have a business meeting every month.

Ideas from members:

A Mission Statement will be worked on and proposed at the next District Meeting - so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Judith thanked everyone for coming once more and the meeting closed at about 12:30 p.m. and a lot of us retired to the pub for lunch.