District 12 Inner Wheel

Bromley Inner Wheel Club

About our Club

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 1.30pm in members' homes.

Please use the 'Contact Us' page to find details as they may vary from month to month. Closed August and December.

Club Officers for 2023/2024

Name Office Chosen Charity
Valerie Laverick President
Diana Sargeant Secretary
Dorothy Blair Treasurer
Anne Dulley International Service Organiser
Diana Sargeant Club Correspondent
Jeanette Ralph Membership Officer

There are no special events organised as yet for the coming year other than the normal monthly meetings.

Since Diana's swim for District 88's Challenge and other charities we kept in contact using Zoom for our monthly meetings and other events until we were once again able to meet up together..  

In September Diana hosted a delicious afternoon tea in her garden on a lovely sunny day and as there are 9 ladies in the club some of us went in the morning and the others in the afternoon. I was among the morning ladies and it was strange to have 'afternoon tea' in the morning but it was good to meet up again with friends that we had not seen for some time.

On 6th October one of our members, Marilynn, who has lived in Keston for many years, organised a walk round the pretty little village and again we were lucky with the weather.

Marilynn was full of interesting information about the area. The former Prime Minister William Pitt lived at his country retreat, Holwood House, and one of his frequent visitors was William Wilberforce. One day, in 1788, on a walk together they stopped at an old oak tree and it was then that Wilberforce resolved to 'give notice on a fit occasion in the House of Commons of my intention to bring forward the abolition of the slave trade' which was quite interesting and happened so near Bromley. There is an annual commemorative walk to the memorial Wilberforce Oak tree which is organised locally.

Another piece of information Marilynn told us about was that you can see the rise of the Ravensbourne River in the spring that's named Caesar's Well though he never went near it and then we returned for coffee outside on the sunny terrace.

We held another Zoom meeting for our Grand Day In and discussed the most recent information that had been sent to us from a local couple, Mary and Martin Print, who instigated Footsteps International about twenty years ago. On a holiday to Africa they were so appalled at the state of many street children at that time that they came home and started raising money to set up a school. Some of the children who attended at the beginning have now started university and thanks to the charity have a wonderful opportunity to do well in life.

We have plans to have a Christmas coffee morning on 11th December where we will have mince pies, coffee and a small glass of sherry. Our President's daughter is going to have a quiz ready for us so we are looking forward to finding out who is the cleverest in the club!

The next event in our calendar will be in the New Year on Inner Wheel Day when we will be having another coffee morning on 11th January and then we are looking forward to the District Chairman's Zoom visit on 26 January.

Life is so unpredictable just now that we have not made any other plans but we will have our thinking caps on and I'm sure come up with other events to keep in contact.

Club Correspondent Dorothy Blair

Challenge 88

      Bromley member, Diana Sargeant finishing her swim

Diana Sargeant responded to District's 88 Challenge by setting herself a challenge of swimming 88 lengths of her pool every day for 10 days plus 8 lengths starting on 8th August, the 8th month of the year.

As this is Bromley's 88th year too Diana has asked that some of the monies raised could be sent to District and some kept for our Charity Account. Our charity this year is the Chartwell Cancer Trust at our local hospital.

We are all very proud of Diana and grateful for such an original idea that contributed to the District's 88 Challenge.