District 12 Inner Wheel

Canterbury Inner Wheel Club

About our Club

We meet at Littlebourne Village Hall (CT3 1ST ) usually on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 10.00am (except August) and at other times by arrangement. Our membership currently stands at 41.

The main focus of fundraising each year is the President's chosen charity. In addition the Club supports the District and Association selected charities, and a range of local and overseas causes**.

Representatives from the Club attend District Meetings three times a year and the Inner Wheel Association Conference (Belfast in April 2020).

When Inner Wheel came into being in 1924 membership was open to the wives of members of Rotary and this continued to be the case until relatively recently.  However, since the International Inner Wheel Convention held in 2012 in Istanbul we are able to offer membership by invitation to other ladies sharing our aims.  If you are interested in finding out more about us please contact our Membership Officer via the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Club Officers for 2019-20

Name Office Charity
Anne Arnold and Imogen Sayer
Joint Presidents The Salvation Army
Pauline Pritchard Secretary
Christina Sloman Treasurer
Avril Vickers International Service Officer Chipembele
Diana Forrest Club Correspondent
Sheila Cragg Membership Officer

** During the year we plan to support the Inner Wheel Association's chosen charity: Riding for the Disabled; District 12 Chairman's chosen charity: Porchlight and District 12's International Service Charity Footsteps:  plus our customary local causes and the Presidents' choice - The Salvation Army.  Internationally we hope to raise funds for Chipembele, alongside the Club's regular charities, WaterAid and collecting Polio Pennies with the aim of eradicating Polio through the world.

Meetings at Littlebourne Lounge at 10 am unless stated otherwise. 

July - December 2019 

23rd July  10 am  Programme Launch at Club member Julia’s home

24th July  Lunch for D.12’s new Presidents at  Deal

30th July 11 am - 3 pm  D.12 Club Officers’ Assembly (Ditton)

  9th  August Outing to Faversham: Abbey Physic Garden

17th  August    All the fun of the Kent & Canterbury Hospital Fair! Visit our Refreshments Stall (opens 11 am)

22nd August *Thursday:  Chipembele: Speaker from our chosen International Service Charity

6th, 7th, 8th September  Rotary District 1120 Conference at UKC

  8th September   Canterbury Rotary: Arts and Crafts Day :Lower Hardres

10th  September   Dick Bolton "The Story of Kent - told through apples, ale, art and architecture". Presentation of accounts. 

18th September 12 noon onwards  D.12 CAMEO Lunch at the Great House, Hawkhurst  (Solo members)

21st September United Nations Day of Peace

24th September  Speaker from Canterbury Salvation Army (Harvest stall/books)

8th October   Heather Gallagher : De-cluttering

22nd October  Preparations for International Service Rally

23rd October Autumn District 12 Meeting at Ditton (10/10.30am)

 2nd November  (Sat.) Afternoon Film at St. Dunstan’s church hall “Fisherman’s Friends”

 7th November    International Service Rally at Ditton (in aid of Footsteps)

12th November  District Chairman Liz’s Visit to Canterbury IW Club (optional lunch afterwards)

19th November   World Toilet Day

26th November  Ruth Portway (Tall Ships of the Jubilee Sailing Trust)

 3rd December   Club meeting with a Christmas Theme

17th December  Christmas Lunch 12.30/1pm Holiday Inn Express, Harbledown

(Donations to The Pilgrim’s Hospices in lieu of Christmas cards)

10th January (Fri) WORLD INNER WHEEL DAY EVENT : Frugal lunch with Faversham and Herne Bay Inner Wheel clubs (Bring & Buy/Raffle for Porchlight

28th January    Mansell Jagger : From Hospes to Almshouse

 11th February   International Soup Lunch - In aid of Chipembele Trust

25th February  Julian  Audsley : Beekeeping . Nominations Meeting

10th March 11.30   Interclub Lunch at KCC St. Lawrence Ground

17th March District 12 Spring Meeting at Ditton (10/10.30am)

24th March Talk on Canterbury’s new Medical School

28th March (Sat) Fundraiser Quiz and Chips at Baker White Hall, Lower Hardres

7th April Talk on Honeybears' Nursery at the K & C Hospital

15th April District 12 Quiz Evening at Ditton (6.30pm)

21st April Talk from the Domestic Violence and Abuse Service

27th - 29th   IW Assn Conference in Belfast

5th May 2pm International Service Beetle Drive afternoon : Littlebourne Village Hall 

12th May Reports from Conference 

26th May Visit to Chartham Vineyard with Richard Goodenough

2nd June  12 noon  D.12 RALLY at the Chart Hills Golf Club, Biddenden to welcome

                        I.W. Assn. President Enid Law

9th June     A taste of Croquet at the Canterbury Croquet Club at Polo Farm (£7-50)

 23rd June  AGM and Club Handover meeting with cheque presentation :

 24th June District 12 Summer Meeting and AGM Handover  (10/10.30am)  

Presidents 1925 - 2019

1925  - 1945 : Mrs. H. Bigglestone, Mrs. A. Baynton, Mrs. J.H.B. Young, Mrs. G. Browning, Mrs. W.H. Hamilton, Miss A. Page, Mrs. F. Brownscombe, Mrs. H. Rigden, Mrs. G.R. Barrett, Mrs. H. P Dawton, Mrs. R. Wood, Mrs. H.P. Dawton, Mrs. S.W. Bligh, Mrs. J. McLaren, Mrs. R.F. Dashwood, Mrs. G. Denne, Mrs. E.A. Wood, Mrs. W. Parker, Mrs. S.H. Jennings

1946 - 1965 : Mrs. A.M. Pennington, Mrs. J.A. Godley, Mrs. E.A. Wood, Mrs. G.A. Kennett, Mrs. T. McCallum,  Mrs. J.A. Godley,  Mrs. A.V. Wilson,  Mrs. R. Tophill, Mrs. B. Dawton,  Mrs. A.
Incles, Mrs. S.H. Jennings, Mrs. A.S.P. Mason, Mrs. H.W.F. Hooker, Mrs. G.H. Kennett, Mrs. R.M. Brazier, Mrs. R.L. Stanford, Mrs. F. Hooker, Mrs. E.N. Shephard, Mrs. S. Terry, Mrs. S.H. Jennings

1966 - 1985 : Mrs. Peggy Clague, Mrs. Joan Tyler, Mrs. A.S.P. Mason, Mrs. Gladys Young, 
Mrs.  Patsy Kerr,  Mrs. R. L. Stanford,  Mrs.  B. A. Porter, Mrs. F. Hooker, Mrs. H.W. Hooker, Mrs.  L.  Incles, Mrs. Peggy Clague, Mrs. Grace Goodman, Mrs. Grace Goodman, Mrs. Joy Ruston, Mrs. Maimie Greene,  Mrs. Elaine Constable,  Mrs. Joy Ruston,  Mrs. P. Burbidge, Mrs. B. Roberts, Mrs. Irene Roe

1986 - 2005 :   Mrs. Patsy Kerr,  Mrs. Valerie Martin, Mrs. Rosemary Dawkins, Mrs. Pauline Banks, Mrs. Jeanette Daniels, Mrs. Mary Beere,   Mrs.  Shirlee Sandy,  Mrs.  Mela Quarrell, Mrs. Margaret Wright,  Mrs. Jane Rice, Mrs. Dorothy Southgate, Mrs. Sheila Cragg, Mrs. Pauline Beckett, Mrs. Jean Talbot,  Mrs. Joan Hill,  Mrs. Maggie Harris,  Mrs. Shirley Hodge,   Mrs. Sheila Cragg,  Mrs. Diana Forrest, Mrs. Ann Lynch

2006 -  2015   : Mrs. Pauline Banks, Mrs. Bernice Barton, Mrs. Maggie Harris, Mrs. Valerie Reid, Mrs. Judith Wiltshier, Mrs. Anne Arnold, Mrs. Ann Lynch, Mrs. Maggie Harris, Mrs. Pauline Pritchard, Mrs. Judy Wiltshier (Jt) and Mrs. Val Reid (Jt)

2016 : Mrs. Judy Wiltshier (Jt) and Mrs. Val Reid (Jt), Mrs. Sheila Cragg, Mrs. Pat Wakeham, Mrs. Anne Arnold (Jt) and Mrs. Imogen Sayer (Jt).