District 12 Inner Wheel

The Association President for 2023 to 2024 is

Anthea Tilsley

Assn President Anthea Tilsley

The Charity chosen by the Association President this year is 'BEAT'.


BEAT is the UK's eating disorder charity. Founded in 1989 as the Eating Disorders Association, their mission is to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.


International President Trish Douglas

Trish Douglas International President

My Dear Fellow Members,

It is a great honour for me to be your International Inner Wheel President in this, 100th year celebration of Inner

Wheel. In the past year, we have been asked by International Inner Wheel Immediate Past President Zeny to

"Work Wonders" and you have certainly done that. This year, we will "Shine A Light" on all the fantastic work

that has been and will be. It is a very special year for each and everyone of us. Thank you so much Zeny, for

your great leadership this past year.

My sincere thanks to IIW Past President Ebe Panitteri Martines for all her work chartering our new clubs around

the world. Ebe leaves the Executive and I have great pleasure in welcoming Mamta Gupta, the new IIW Vice-

President to "The IIW Team". Staying on "The IIW Team", we have our technical wizard Immediate Past President

Zeny, Sarita the Treasurer and Sissel the Constitution Chairman. Prabha, our Editor/Media Manager, who has

done a wonderful job with our Internet media, magazines and bulletins, steps into her second year.

We welcome to the International Governing Body, 16 Board Directors. I'm delighted that seven are returning

for their second year to "Shine A Light" around the world in working with our Non-Districted Clubs.

Inner Wheel cannot achieve their objectives in encouraging personal service without the support of our

National Presidents, National Representatives, District Chairmen, Club Presidents, our UN Representatives and

all our wonderful members in each and every District and Club as you go forward to "Shine A Light".

BRIGHTEN LIVES FOR THE FUTURE: Let's start with international understanding. It is my vision that

in Manchester, we have a "House of Culture". In the past, we have had a "House of Friendship";

friendship will be very much present. We all have something to offer from our various countries

and it will "Shine A Light" on our great organisation. May I encourage members to bring their

various artifacts which showcase their country IIW Past President Phyllis Charter is looking

forward to receiving your ideas and illustrations.

MENTAL WELLNESS BRIGHTENS LIVES. Anorexia is an illness that goes "across the board". At

the Manchester Convention, I am supporting BEAT, "beat eating disorders". This is a charity

supporting eating disorders. There will be an 'Olde Fashioned Sweetie Shop' at the Convention

if you feel able to support. By donating a packet of your favourite sweets, BEAT will benefit

greatly. To date, £500 has been donated by Past Board Directors who met in Edinburgh and gave

generously to the charity.

This is an exciting year for all Inner Wheel Members A HUNDRED YEARS! I am sure in January 1924 when

Margarette Golding along with 27 members met in the Turkish baths in Manchester (because it was free), they

never realised 100 years later Inner Wheel would be active in 100 countries with over 120,000 members who

will "Shine A Light" throughout our centennial year.

I look forward with pride to welcoming all to our Convention in Manchester, 7-10 May 2024. We will certainly

"Shine A Light" for the world to see.

Yours in Friendship and Service,

Trish Douglas