District 12 Inner Wheel

International Service

All clubs have an International Service Organiser, whose job it is to organise fund-raising events and to co-ordinate all the numerous gifts of money and goods that their club has collected. Most clubs participate in the Annual District International Service Rally, which is held in late October or early November. Clubs provide goods for sale or run sideshows to raise money, and members are invited to go to see the Speaker from the charity chosen by the International Service Chairman each year.

In addition, International Organisers at Club level, collect;

Knitted squares and blankets, knitted Teddies, Yorkshire tea labels, Ink Cartridges, Foreign and British stamps, 'Pennies for Polio', 'P's in a bucket' for Water Aid, postcards, household goods, clothing, (men's, ladies and children's), babies clothing, spectacles, gift 'shoeboxes', 'Tools for Self-Reliance', Sewing kits, CD's and Videos, Bed Linen and towels, Mobile Phones and chargers and toiletries.

'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others' Mahatma Gandhi

Information regarding the International Service Report can be seen by Members on the side bar of the Events page.

In the past the District has supported 'School in a Bag'. Now due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they are including in their rucsacs, a hygiene kit, which will include 'sustainable face masks'. If you wish to help with this initiative, see the instructions under the menu item 'District 12 response to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

See below for the latest DISC's newsletter

Dear Club International Service Chairman,

Welcome to the newsletter for CISO’s and all members. This edition is mostly giving updates about the International Rally held in November. Thank you for all the news from the CISO’s which makes for very good reading. We really did pull out all the stops to raise a wonderful amount for Footsteps International and Save the Children Vaccination Project. In these days of only virtual meetings a magnificent amount was raised in some very inventive ways.

The convention in Jaipur is also going virtual; again another great venture and I expect the attendance is going to be bigger than if it was being held. I’m looking forward to attending and if the advert is anything to go by it will be a colourful and thought provoking event.

Thank you to everyone who got their International Report to either myself or Rosemary or Jackie on time. The District Report was able to be completed and returned on time and I will be reporting on that at the District Meeting in March.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and please pass it on to all your members

Yours in Friendship

Pat (District International Service Chairman) 

18th Convention moves to a Virtual Platform

A message from the International President

It has been a long and eventful journey for two and a half years for all of us in the Local Convention Committee. However, as the 18th International Inner Wheel Convention goes Virtual and Friendship turns digital, we have reason to derive satisfaction  from the fact that this decision will give so many of us the opportunity to take part in this event who otherwise would have had travel and other constraints. We will now be able to reach out to wider Inner Wheel audience who will be able to attend the Convention from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, not having to hire venues or cater for multiple meals, we also have the added advantage of making the Convention affordable for each one of our members. 

The Virtual Event will have all the elements you will normally expect in the Convention. Whether it is the Business Sessions where you will be able to exercise your voting right yourself, or the entertainment, or virtual tours of places of interest in India, our aim is to deliver a Convention that will fulfil its purpose to the fullest. Dates and timings have been shifted to suit international participants. It is easy to register if you follow the instructions carefully on the website.  

Despite being held in virtual meetings  the amazing sum of £3724 was raised.
Footsteps International received  £2,300 and Save the Children received £1424. Thank you !


With the message that we should all stay home, safe and not meet in groups of more than 6, my thinking cap came out and a plan for a “virtual” International Rally was born!

I was so relieved that this was taken on board by many clubs and a great deal of imagination went into the month. Here you can read some accounts of the events that were held in District 12.

I W Club of Folkestone, 

Our Grand Day In was going to be a cream tea in various people’s homes, but that had to be curtailed due to the lockdown and we decided to hold it over zoom. Some members kindly made their own tea, whilst others had the cream tea delivered to them!

We then had a quiz. The breakout zoom rooms proved successful and were so well received we may well use them at the end of other meetings!

A grand £340 was raised! Rosemary Milsted

Inner Wheel Club of Sidcup did not organise a 'Grand Day In' but held a virtual fortnight. We sent out order forms to our members, friends and Rotary who could buy the same items which would have been on our stall had we been able to hold it on the 12th November, in aid of Footsteps International and Save the Children Immunisation Programme. We had 20 orders and raised £400.

Sylvia Wooder

I W Club of Gravesend

As a club we decided to donate the money we would have spent on a meal out (£30) for the food parcels and to hold a 'virtual basket' event where we donated the money we would have spent on providing a basket for the rally.

As you can see, we can support 16 emergency packs (£480) and we collected £290 in lieu of baskets. A cheque for £770 was sent to the District Treasurer; some of our members supported both appeals while others supported one. Sue Muckley

 IW Club of Maidstone 

A grand raffle was held in our club with so many prizes, many donated by our members. The draw was held in a zoom meeting with gifts being delivered, with social distancing in place, of course. An amazing £425 was raised. A thanks to the members was given at the end of the meeting. Marion and Val

Tunbridge Wells IW Club 

In lieu of the usual District International Rally which, due to the pandemic was unable to take place, our Club organized a Big Night In on Zoom with an international theme. Thirty eight members attended and we were pleased to welcome Pat Sanford and Sheila Cragg.

Martin and Mary Print gave us a brief history of their involvement in setting up Footsteps International in Kenya. We all found this a very inspiring talk and admired their hard work and dedication carried out especially during these challenging times.

We were treated to a really fun and interesting time comprising various quizzes and brief talks from members who had experienced first-hand living in different countries of the world. Firstly we were taken to Australia by Kay Haggis who had spent seven years in New South Wales. We were then whisked off to the USA with Denise Standen who had lived in Washington DC. Photographs were shared from their experiences. France and Austria featured next with more photographs of Inner Wheel members enjoying time spent together in these two countries. Next on the list we heard from Mary Ranson who had shared her early teaching career in Canada with Secretary Christine where they took every opportunity to explore. We all enjoyed seeing pictures of their experiences together. Helen Sloan showed us photographs of her time spent in India and Eunice Hutchinson gave an interesting insight into Christmas in the Philippines and sharing interesting pictures. With the admission fee to attend the evening, a raffle and donations we raised a total of £445. The £210 raised for Footsteps International has enabled seven emergency packs to be purchased and £235 has been donated to Save the Children. Pat Sanford and Sheila Cragg expressed their thanks to our members for inviting them to an enjoyable and interesting evening. President Pam gave the final thanks to everyone for their participation to a brilliant evening. Jenny Saadat

Deal IW Club An evening of BINGO was held in Deal; some of our members paying for their books and others donating but not taking part. £265 was raised £120 for footsteps International and £145 for save the Children. Held over zoom this was an enjoyable way to take part in the rally! Gillian Heath 

Canterbury IW Club A morning meeting was designated as our Grand Day In and we invited two very passionate speakers from Save the Children local office. We heard of the great work that this charity carries out and the statistics they shared was staggering. Immunisation is the easiest way to prevent deaths in young children and yet is not always taken advantage of. However the charity also fund Rural Liaison Nurses to visit the more rural areas and through this scheme vaccinations can be given to the more vulnerable children. A quiz was also held and we raised £714 for the two charities. Liz Jackson

IW Club of Crayford and Danson

Members of our club were sent out quiz questions and an afternoon meeting saw us gather together to hear the answers and check who was a member of MENSA!! Questions ranged from capital cities to naming famous female leaders around the world. A very enjoyable way to raise money without too many grey cells being used!  Christina Bentley

IW Club of Gillingham With not many members wishing to join any meeting via zoom, members were asked to donate the entrance money they would normally have paid for the rally. In addition members were asked to pop a penny (or any coin) in a pot every time they put the kettle on in November. The amount of pennies collected was staggering showing us how we often take water and electricity for granted.

Since then we have encouraged our reluctant members to enjoy a meeting by zoom and now have regular monthly meetings enjoying each other’s company and listening to a speaker. One member, who is 92, is thoroughly enjoying the challenge of zoom!  Pat Sanford 

AND THERE’S MORE………The Thanet clubs are hoping to hold an international event together when the time is right so there will be even more funds raised. I have received a thank you phone call from Save the Children, with a promise of a letter when the offices open again and a letter from Mary and Martin giving us an update of the situation in Kenya.

A member of IW Club of Maidstone won the M&S voucher. Congratulations!

Acknowledgment of gift of £2,300 from Inner Wheel District 12

We were absolutely astounded when you emailed us to let us know that there was a cheque for £2,300 from your International Rally on the way to us. It has now arrived safely, so this is our opportunity to thank you and all your very colleagues in Inner Wheel District 12 for giving your time and energy to raise such an amazing amount, especially in what was a hugely difficult year. Please pass on our grateful thanks to everyone who contributed in any way.

Your gift is a great help at this challenging time. Our Sunshine street boys’ Centre is reopening fully this week, as are Kenya’s schools and colleges.

At the same time we are continuing to provide aid to some of the desperately poor families who are still suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.

Your gift will be a huge help as we support children and families – thank you again. We will keep you updated on progress during the year.

With our warmest thanks and best wishes for safe-keeping to you and everyone in Inner Wheel District 12,

Mary and Martin Print.