District 12 Inner Wheel

International Service

All clubs have an International Service Organiser, whose job it is to organise fund-raising events and to co-ordinate all the numerous gifts of money and goods that their club has collected.  Most clubs participate in the Annual District International Service Rally, which is held in late October or early November. Clubs provide goods for sale or run sideshows to raise money, and members are invited to go to see the Speaker from the charity chosen by the International Service Chairman each year.

In addition, International Organisers at Club level, collect;

Knitted squares and blankets, knitted Teddies, Yorkshire tea labels, Ink Cartridges, Foreign and British stamps, 'Pennies for Polio', 'P's in a bucket' for Water Aid, postcards, household goods, clothing, (men's, ladies and children's), babies clothing, spectacles, gift 'shoeboxes', 'Tools for Self-Reliance', Sewing kits, CD's and Videos, Bed Linen and towels, Mobile Phones and chargers and toiletries.

Information regarding the International Service Report can be seen by Members on the side bar of the Events page.