District 12 Inner Wheel

International Rally

The District International Service Rally

Every Year a District International Rally is held at which the clubs take individual stalls to raise money for the chosen International charity for that year. Goods are made and sold, such as Craft items, Christmas crackers and decorations, and cakes and preserves. Many clubs organise sideshows, such as 'Water into Wine', 'The Underground Game' and 'Guess the weight of the Cake'. Some clubs do the same stall each year, eg. the knitted and crocheted goods produced by Margate Craft Group, and others swap what they wish to do so that there is plenty of variety. A delicious lunch is provided and there is plenty of opportunity to look at all the various stalls, before a Presentation is made by the International Charity for that year. At the end of the Rally there will be a cheque presented to the speaker. Each year a colour theme is chosen for the Rally.

The District International Service Rally in 2016 was held on

 Wednesday 2nd November from 10.00am to 3pm

Here are some photos from this year's Rally.

Our charity this year is Healthcare Ethiopia Partnership.

The Colour Theme this year was Green, which is one of the colours of the flag of Ethiopia.

                      Battle surprise parcels

                              Battle club sold surprise parcels
Canterbury pick a pocket
Canterbury Pick a Pocket

                   Cookies in a jar

                           Cookies in a jar

Hats for sale from Broadstairs

Broadstairs club selling hats


President Rose and ISC Lynda at Westgate & Birchington Chocolate Raffle 

Westgate & Birchington held a 'Chocolate Raffle'. Here are the ISC Lynda and President Rose at the stall        

 Margate Crafts stall

                Margate Crafts Stall

          Just one or two scarves for sale

                 Just a few scarves for sale!

Raffle surprises

              Some surprises in the raffle

     Rochester District raffle

   The Rochester members run the District Raffle

               Sheppey Christmas decorations

 The Sheppey members make Christmas        decorations

                  Sidcup Cakes stall

         The Sidcup members with the cakes stall

      Home made Sweetie stall

        Why not buy some home-made sweeties?

Top table at International rally

The Top Table with Speaker, Kate Mockeridge, representing the Healthcare Ethiopia Partnership, the International Chairmen for Districts 13, 14 and 25, District 12 International Chairman, Susan Midgley, DC Dotty and the 3 Area International Officers.

             District International Officer Susan and Kate Mockeridge

D12 ISC Susan presents Kate Mockeridge   with a cheque

Members can see pictures and information concerning previous International Service Rallies on the Events page side bar.