District 12 Inner Wheel

88 Challenge in aid of KSS Air Ambulance

As the Challenge 88 drew to its close - on the 4th day of the 4th month - we were all spurred on with encouragement from Sarita, of the Air Ambulance KSS.

A message from Sarita at Air Ambulance KSS

On behalf of everyone at Team KSS I wanted to send you a message of encouragement and thanks as you conclude your very kind fundraising for the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex. It has been so lovely for me to see the dedication and hard work that you have all given to your 88 challenge fundraising. Thanks to support such as yours it has meant that our crews have remained fully operational throughout this past year and able to offer further assistance alongside our NHS colleagues.

Every mile you have covered and pound you have raised will make an important difference and enable us to provide life-saving care to the people of Kent, Surrey and Sussex – we think that you are all completely wonderful. I hope that I will get to say a final thank you to you all once your fundraising has been completed but until then a heartfelt thank you from everyone here at the charity. 

AAKSS supporting logo

On Saturday, 8th August - One of the hottest days of the year - we are launching our 88 Challenge in aid of the Air Ambulance!

District 12 is 88 years young this year, and we think it's great TO BE 88!

What can you do to help raise funds and keep them flying high?

Our intrepid Chairmen will be walking 88 miles over the coming months and they are thrilled that some D.12 Clubs will be challenging themselves too on Day One.

Others are planning to make quilts using 88 squares, or walking 88,000 steps - There have, so far, been no offers to give up chocolate for 88 days, but the sponsorship opportunities are endless ............. And don't forget that all of the above will be seeking sponsors! We hope that each member of D.12 will respond in whatever way they can, to keep the Medical Teams flying for the benefit of everyone living in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

(TAKE CARE IN THE HEAT - We do not want you to associate too closely with these amazing helicopters!!) Good Luck to you All 

from your Joint District Chairmen, Christine and Sheila

The final instalment of our DC's Challenge 88!

Air Ambulance Cheque handover

Mission Accomplished! 

Today we handed over our cheque of £12,750.00 to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance at Rochester Airport. A magnificent amount, we are so grateful to everyone who has participated in any way. 

Christine and her husband John A thank you to my husband, John, who says he feels he has walked 888 miles with me this year!!
88 miles completed by Harry and Sheila

A thank you to my husband, Harry, for completing the 88 Challenge alongside me - 

              and many, many thanks to those who sponsored HIM!

DC Christine on her Final 88 Walk

DC Christine says, 'I was very pleased to be joined by some of my Club members on my final walk to complete my second 88 Challenge. I have now walked 176 miles and hopefully will have raised a good sum for the Air Ambulance.'

The blanket is completed

DC Christine says, 'My blanket made up of 88 squares is half finished. I have set myself a target to finish it by the end of April.'

Christine at Penshurst again

DC Christine says, 'Back to one of my favourite walks at Penshurst. The house looked so beautiful in the sunshine, amazing to think it dates back to 1341. This original medieval house is one of the most complete surviving examples of 14th-century domestic architecture in England.

Only 6 miles to go to complete my second 88 miles!'

Christines squares for the blanket

'However, my 88 blanket is not coming on quite as well as my walking. I have knitted the 88 squares but the crocheting and sewing together is definitely a challenge!'  

DC Sheila completed her 88 miles on
5th March 2021!
For 88 XXV with Sheila

Another walk along the Tankerton promenade for DC Sheila, (No photo taken) and ending the day back in Canterbury with a stroll by the River and a visit to the Queen's Silver Jubilee sculpture near the Swimming Pool.

Roman Wall Trail A gentle walk for DC Sheila through Canterbury's Westgate Gardens and beyond (The Roman Wall trail) in glorious Spring-like sunshine. 
Bull made from tannery rails

DC Sheila says, "Always a pleasure to search out the Canterbury bull, sculpted from the rails previously used within Canterbury's former Tannery.

The bull sculpture reminds us of what the Tannery produced: Leather. Seating in the House of Lords, the interior trim of Rolls Royce cars and, allegedly, the famous chair from "MASTERMIND" were all made from St. Mildred's Tannery leather."

Christine on the Chiddingstone walk Spring is on its way!
Crocuses coming out at Chiddingstone Castle.
DC Christine at the Chiding Stone DC Christine says "A lovely Spring walk from Chiddingstone Castle which included a visit to the Chiding Stone - looks as if I'm trying to hold it up!

In the Medieval times folklore has it that nagging wives, wrongdoers and witches were brought to the stone to be chided as punishment by an assembly of villagers. This is where the most recent name for the stone comes from and with it possibly the name of the village".
Sheila at Hales Place Chapel

DC Sheila is making progress with the Challenge. Just 20 miles to go now.

The latest outing was to view the Hales Place Chapel, Canterbury.  

The 150 year old (diseased) trees are in a poor state and likely to be removed this month....so sad...and Sheila wanted to have a last look at them before the work is completed.

Christine in the local park DC Christine says, '44! I've completed 44 miles on my second round of 88 miles and have knitted 44 squares. Halfway through both projects!' 
Christine walking in the wintry weather

DC Christine says, 'We are fortunate that our garden backs on to a Private Park so in this wintry weather most of my walking has been very close to home! The perimeter of the Park is almost exactly half a mile so four times round gives me two miles.'

DC Sheila WITH DAVE LEE and bench

DC Sheila continues to walk in Canterbury, seeking out places of particular interest. This week she walked alongside the fast flowing River Stour and was reminded of happy days at the Marlowe Theatre's Pantomime. Sheila stands behind the memorial to Dave Lee, the Pantomime dame, sitting on "his" bench - (and who could ever forget the bench scene!)

Over 60 miles done now! On target!

CONGRATULATIONS DC CHRISTINE! DC Christine completed her 88 miles on Boxing Day, 26th December 2020! She is now going to try to do another 88 miles, and is on 22 of the second 88!
Christines squares for the blanket

DC Christine is also knitting a blanket with 88 squares and asking for people to sponsor a square! 
Christine on the Penshurst Walk

DC Christine has a very muddy walk at Penshurst but it was a beautiful, sunny January day.

Christine on Tunbridge Wells Common

DC Christine has a walk on Tunbridge Wells Common on a very frosty, winter's day.

Sheila with The Canterbury War Horse

 The Canterbury War Horse

DC Sheila is pictured in the Canterbury Cathedral precincts inspecting The Canterbury War Horse. 

Over eight-million horses died during the First World War, of which many travelled through Kent on their way to the continent.  (This project was the result of a partnership between Canterbury School of Visual Arts at Canterbury College and Canterbury Cathedral and collaborative working between students, academics and the technical and engineering departments at the College)

Sheila walking the LABYRINTH at UKC

DC Sheila walked the labyrinth at University of Kent, Canterbury one afternoon. 

She says 'Proof attached! It was actually 2.2 miles from door to home - but involved a steep hill and lots of steps!

(Bell Harry Tower/Canterbury Cathedral can be seen just past MY left shoulder!)'

Sheila at Tankerton beach Isle of Sheppey in background As DC Sheila tales up the 'Challenge' once more she was tempted out to Whitstable and Tankerton on a chilly but sunny day! Here she is on Tankerton beach with the Isle of Sheppey just visible in the background.
Sheila says Hi from the top of the hill at Tankerton DC Sheila says 'Hi!' from the top of the hill! She has several more local "Lockdown" areas still to explore!
Sheila Checking sea defences at Whitstable DC Sheila checking out the sea defences at Whitstable. She is slowly clocking up the miles, in the 'fifties' now!
DC Christine out walking in Kent DC Christine took the opportunity of a break in the rain to go out for 3 walks around Kent during the Christmas break.

DC Christine out during the Christmas break

DC Christine out in Kent during the Christmas break
Christine and club member Wendy on Armistice Day at Penshurst. Christine and club member, Wendy, out for a walk at Penshurst Place on Armistice Day

Unfortunately Sheila is taking quite a long while to clock up her 88 miles owing to the fact that she has been isolating with husband Harry, between his hospital appointments. Treatments are nearly over and she will then hope to get back into the swing of it all.

Pictured here on a short Autumnal walk in the neighbourhood of Britain's smallest town, Fordwich.

A couple of months ago, she enjoyed a cold and blustery walk on the White Cliffs.

DC Sheila at Fordwich on an Autumn walk DC Sheila On the White Cliffs

 "I am very pleased to be doing my bit for the Air Ambulance - and it is great to dream up new areas to visit"

A walk along the North Cornwall coast near Tintagel on a very windy day. Hurray!  

Christine at Tintagel on a windy day 44 miles completed, 44 to go!
It will have to be walks nearer to home for the next few weeks during the lockdown!

Our Club’s walking group has a saying, “We go whatever the weather” and we did just that! Another four miles completed.

Christine and 2 Tunbridge Wells members in rain Christine says, 'I seem to be attracted to water! This is by the lakes on Sissinghurst Estate.

Christine walked from St Enodoc Church, near Daymer Bay in Cornwall where John Betjeman is buried, to Polzeath beach and back.

Sheila walked in Clowes Wood.

christine starts from Daymer Bay Sheila in Clowes Wood

It is hard to believe that we have not met each other since Lockdown! Here we are at Godinton House meeting face to face and 2 metres apart in early September!

Between us now we have clocked up 44 miles – Half way to half way – but with still 7 months to go! 

2 metres apartDCs Sheila and Christine 2 metres apart

And so it continues with DC Christine
 and Sheila's Walks

Christine in Cornwall Sheila on Walk 2
DC Christine in Cornwall! DC Sheila on her next walk!
Christine at Nymans NT Estate Harry in Clowes Wood looking as if he needed a haircut during lockdown
Christine enjoyed a 4 mile walk through the magnificent Redwoods at Nymans NT Estate. Sheila's husband, Harry, joined Sheila on her walks and eventually walked 100 miles! He is pictured here during the lockdown needing a haircut!
Christine at Sissinghurst

Sheila wearing her DC t shirt at Bishopsbourne

Christine enjoyed another NT walk at Sissinghurst. Sheila wearing her DC's chain T shirt at Bishopsbourne.
Swalecliffe with rainbow

 Dishevelled and lost in the Maize maze 

Is Sheila searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at Swalecliffe?

Sheila is lost and dishevelled in the 'Maize Maze'.

Below see pictures of The First Day of the Challenge 

starring Joint District Chairmen, Christine and Sheila!

DC Christine says, 'Here are two pictures of my walk around Bewl Water, 8 miles on the 8th of the 8th in temperatures over 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Two Club members are taking up the Challenge of the 88 miles in 8 months and other Club members gave great support by walking some of the 8 miles with us.'

DC Sheila went for a walk near Littlebourne with 5 members of the Canterbury club.

Bewl water Challenge 88 with DC Christine DC Christine at Bewl Water Challenge 88 with Tunbridge Wells
DC Christine completing an 8 mile walk with some members of Tunbridge Wells club Tunbridge Wells members who walked with DC Christine
Canterbury Group We SIX members at the start of the walk with DC Sheila Seeking shade with DC Sheila and Canterbury members
DC Sheila with 5 members of Canterbury Club, she says,

'we were Pauline Pritchard (Membership), Pauline Pybus (President), me, Pat Wakeham (Club Secretary and District Treasurer), Tina Sloman (Club Treasurer) and Jane Rice (Club Almoner)'.

DC Sheila with the Canterbury members searching for some shade! Many members of the Club were generous in offering sponsorship. DC Sheila and her husband Rotarian Harry Cragg took on the challenge to walk 88 miles............. and there were many sponsors from the Canterbury Rotary Club and from neighbours.