District 12 Inner Wheel

Faversham Inner Wheel Club

About our Club

We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Anchor Inn, 52 Abbey Street, Faversham, ME13 7BP. For more information please use the 'Contact Us' page.

Club Officers for 2021 to 2022

Christine Manser  President

Liz Everest


Dorothy Neame Treasurer
Joy Wade International Service Organiser
Laurel Neame Club Correspondent/Club Editor
Liz Everest
Membership Officer


1st March  -  Quilting Day

On 1st March, President Christine Manser organised a quilting day to which other clubs were invited. The idea was to charge for a day's tuition and lunch and afternoon tea, and at the end of the day each group would be able to take home a quilt, (if necessary finishing it off at home!) and then it would be available to raffle for their chosen club charity. The money made on the day would go to President Christine's own charity, 'Young Carers'. Thank you to all the people who supported the day and especially to Terry Gilbert, our instructor for the day, who gave his time and expertise as well as donating all the materials all ready cut to size, which enabled some of us to actually almost complete the quilt in one day. 

We were welcomed with cups of coffee or tea and biscuits, and then settled down to form groups to await instruction. Terry Gilbert, an expert quiltmaker, who has made over 6,000 quilts for the Fostering Network began by demonstrating the first stage of the quilt. We chose our pieces of material to make our design by selecting ready cut squares of cotton materials, 2 each of a light pattern and a dark pattern, which teamed together well. We needed 20 large squares made up of 4 small squares to make the quilt. Each group set to with sewing machines, scissors and ironing board at the ready. After making the 20 squares, they were sewn into 4 lines of 5, and then sewn up together. Then wadding, backing material, edging and binding was applied, and they were finished off with knots through the whole 3 layers to keep the fabric from moving.

During the day, we were lavishly fed with delicious home-made soups, delicious desserts, and then later in the afternoon, we enjoyed home-made cakes.

Of course, only the expert quilters got as far as almost completing the quilt in a day, but the others of us were able to take away the rest of the material needed for completing the quilt.

Clubs represented were Canterbury, Faversham and Westgate & Birchington.

Thank you President Christine and Terry.

Below see the pictures of the quilts that were made.

Faversham Quilting day Canterbury President Val

President of Canterbury IW Club Val Reid

shows off her quilt

which she will raffle for her charity 

Faversham Quilting Day 3

DC Hazel made this quilt

  (with the help of President Christine and Dot Neame)

  to raffle for her District charity, 'Sing For Your Life'.

  Faversham Quilting Day

A beautiful subtle coloured quilt

Faversham Quilting Day 2

This quilt is nearly finished.

You can see the attractive border round it