District 12 Inner Wheel

Rochester Inner Wheel Club 

About our Club

We meet every 2nd Monday in the month usually in a members' home at 7.30pm. This may alter with the season and time of year in future.

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Club Officers for 2017 to 2018

Name Office
Felicity Clements President
Betty Selfe Betty Selfe
Marian Burge President Marian Burge Treasurer
Carmita Brake OSO
Carmita Brake
International Service Organiser
Christine Kerr Secretary
Christine Kerr Club Correspondent/Club Editor

Betty Selfe

Club Protection Officer

Health & Safety Officer

2015 to 2016

On 14th September, our oldest member, Jean Wood celebrated her 90th birthday at a meeting with DC Hazel. She was presented with a bouquet, cards and a celebration cake.

Jean Wood and DC Hazel Jean Wood's 90th birthday cake  Rochester club members with Dc Hazel and IPDC Sheila  President Chris and DC Hazel

In August, Vice President Carmita Brake and President Christine Kerr went to tour Brompton Barracks in Chatham. We toured the Royal Engineers Barracks and finished with a delicious tea. Here we are holding the FA cup that they won in the 1870's and also with our husbands and hosts for the afternoon.

Vice Pres Carmita and Pres Chris with FA cup V Pres Carmita and Pres Chris with husbands and hosts


District Overseas Rally   5th November

At the Overseas Rally, our club ran the District Raffle stall. An enjoyable day was had by all, including a delicious lunch. Here are some photos of our day at the Rally and our stall.

Our team at the raffle stall

Here is our team at the stall.

As you can see we had a good array of prizes. 

We were kept very busy selling raffle tickets  
 We were kept very busy selling tickets but .... 
Is this my coffee or yours we still found time for a cup of coffee, but which was which?
DG Stewart and Sheila at raffle stall Rotary 1120 Governor Stewart Grainger and his wife Sheila came to purchase tickets, but unfortunately they were unlucky when it came to the prizes!
We are busy folding tickets. We sold a large number of tickets but they took quite a bit of folding. However, 'many hands make light work'!